Action Plan for Kilskeery and Trillick

Trillick 2020’s Action Plan  includes over 80 achievable projects.  These actions relate to the work of Trillick 2020 itself, the local economy, community, social and environment – all of which will make a real difference to the lives of all of our people before the year 2020.

Implementation Vision: For Trillick 2020 to provide leadership for the Trillick and Kilskeery community, especially in implementation of Action Plan 2014-2020. 

An important part of the implementation of the Trillick 2020 Action Plan has been to set up this website with financial and technical help from members of the local community.  The website has information about Trillick 2020, the Action Plan, local businesses, up-coming events, links to local groups, history of Trillick and Kilskeery, etc.  Trillick 2020 will also shortly be on Facebook and Twitter – in order to communicate with the community especially our young people.

Economic Vision: To help Trillick’s people and businesses to increase their employment, wealth and prosperity

In order to help the local economy, we have actions to identify and promote our local businesses, help them with websites, work together, increase employment and a ‘support local business’ campaign.  We will also encourage new business and enterprise, in order to boost incomes and employment locally. In particular, there are exciting actions to develop the potential of tourism to bring jobs and spending to the area.

Community Vision: To provide opportunities for all of Trillick’s community to live together in harmony, with regular, active cross-community participation.

Actions will tackle community safety issues, rural crime and service provision, through better working relations with the Neighbourhood Policing Unit, NI Housing Executive, Omagh District Council, Roads Service, etc. Other actions will encourage cross-community activities, meetings and co-operation.  The seasonal events programme will include the Vintage Rally, A Fair Day re-creation, a Summer Blooms Festival and of course the successful Cross-Community Christmas Festival – which included the Christmas lights, new tree and Christmas Craft Fayre this year.

We also have actions to support all of our existing community services and also to try to get new housing for our elderly people, as well as affordable starter / family homes, in order to retain our young people in their community – for both Trillick and Kilskeery.

Social Vision: To provide a high quality of sporting, recreational and other social activities for all the people of the Trillick area, thus ensuring a good ‘quality of life’.

The Action Plan includes many actions to improve facilities for sports and recreation especially for young people, working with existing groups such as the Trillick GFC, the Young Farmers Club, Youth Club and Senior Citizens. It will be important to develop the range of clubs and activities that are associated with the leisure centre and play park area of the village.  There is also demand for enhanced facilities in Kilskeery.

Environment Vision: To improve the appearance of Trillick, Kilskeery and district, to make it as visually attractive as possible – for local self-esteem / pride and for visitors’ enjoyment.

These actions will improve the appearance of the village by tidying up vacant and rundown buildings, the gap sites, the streetlights, pavements, the signage and the rural roads.  Already Trillick 2020 has undertaken a number of litter picks as part of its Spring Clean Campaign.

Overall, the voluntary efforts of the Trillick 2020 members, assisted by the goodwill and contribution of other members of the wider community, are starting to show real signs of success.

We need your help to achieve our vision:

To make Trillick and Kilskeery and their surrounding districts a good place for all to live in and to prosper.

See the full plan here.