Remembering the Railway at Trillick and Kilskeery 1854 – 1957

Trillick and Kilskeery used to be well served by a rail network.  It’s hard to believe it now (as you sit grid-locked in rush-hour traffic on the M1 from Sprucefield!), but our grandparents could put their feet up and read the paper or do some work on trains from Trillick to Belfast or Dublin.   The old station house for Trillick was in Stranagummer townland or you could head to Bundoran Junction station (despite the name, it was near Kilskeery).  Trillick Station itself lasted for over a century.  It opened on Saturday the 19th of August 1854 and closed on Tuesday the 1st of October 1957.

Recently, there has been talk of new lines:

“Other potential candidates for reopening identified in the report include Antrim – Castledawson and the lines to Armagh and Dungannon.

“It will be important in the present period of public expenditure restraint to use existing resources to sustain and make best use of the current system where there is greatest potential for growth,” says Kennedy. “However, my ambition for rail goes much further and I am absolutely committed to seeking opportunities to further enhance or extend the network.”

While current official thinking stops at Dungannon, Minister Kennedy  does say that he is “absolutely committed to seeking opportunities to … extend the network”.  Trains back in Trillick?  Not likely any time soon says you, but we can mention it to our public representatives; and, meanwhile, here are some old photos of trains coming and going at Bundoran Junction: