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Update on the Trillick Leisure Hub

On  Monday 17th November, there was an ‘interview meeting’ in Trillick Leisure Centre with the ‘Space & Place’ funders – Community Foundation NI. It was  attended by representatives from across the entire Trillick Community – all of  whom spoke passionately about their desire / need for the Leisure Hub project and the benefits that it would bring to the people of the area. Hopefully, Mr. Hughes from the funders was suitably impressed and that money will be  forthcoming for this exciting project in due course.

The whole community come together  to support  the Leisure Hub, including representatives of the Leisure Centre itself,  Trillick 2020, our designer, QS, Trillick GAC (seniors, youths, Ladies,  U-12s and U16s), the Parish, Senior Citizens  of Trillick and  Kilskeery, Trillick & District Young Farmers Club, Youth Club, children /teachers / governors of Queen Elizabeth II, St. Scires and the other 2 schools and Peter Pan Playgroup, Woodview  Residents, Omagh DC, Neighbourhood Policing Unit and our 3 Councillors. Many  thanks to all who contributed, and to our caterers for their generous and welcome refreshments.

We  expect to hear in February 2015 if the Leisure Hub has been successful in making  it through to the next stage of this funding competition – though Mr. Hughes did warn  that there was a lot of competition for the available money.

GAC and YFC – doing Trillick proud

While Ireland was in the end narrowly defeated by the Aussies in the International Rules game on Saturday, all pundits agree that Trillick man Mattie Donnelly (pictured below) was one of Ireland’s stand-out performers.  In fact, a Kerry commentator on the Hogan Stand website reckoned that ‘Mattie Donnelly was probably our best player’.  Well done Mattie.

M Donnelly Australia 2014

Mattie Donnelly in action against the Australians on Saturday

Meanwhile, earlier in the week, Trillick & District YFC picked up another award, this time the prestigious Super Club Plate, kindly sponsored again this year by the Silver Birch Hotel, Omagh.  Trillick & District YFC (members pictured below at the recent awards session in the Silver Birches hotel in Omagh) pick up such awards regularly and it is a credit to the quality of the organisation and dedication within the club.


Trillick YFC members pictured at the awards cermenony in Omagh last week

While we rightly celebrate such tangible achievements by our local people, the long-term un-sung benefit of Trillick GAC and Trillick YFC lies in the fact that both clubs do so much to develop ‘social capital’ locally.  Studies (e.g., Halpem, 2009) show that ‘communities with a good ‘stock’ of such ‘social capital’ are more likely to benefit from lower crime figures, better health, higher educational achievement, and better economic growth’ and the World Bank notes that ‘increasing evidence shows that social cohesion is critical for societies to prosper economically and for development to be sustainable’.

So next time you’re asked to buy a raffle ticket or sponsor someone from either club, give what you can – it’s an investment in Trillick’s future.

Trillick Leisure Hub – update

Trillick Enterprise Leisure, supported by Trillick 2020, has recently applied for Lottery funding under their Space & Place Programme for our new Trillick Leisure Hub project. The community consultations held at the end of 2013 showed a widespread desire for these improved facilities at the Leisure Centre, so this important action is included in the Action Plan 2014 – 2020 which was launched at the end of April 2014.

Provided funding can be secured, this would be an exciting and very professional addition to the leisure and social amenities in the local area.  The proposed layout is as follows – click to enlarge:


The Leisure Hub project will meet the Space & Place objectives of connecting our communities / people and making use of the under-used spaces near the Leisure Centre. The application comprises 6 elements:

a.  Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)

60m x 40m external (up to 11-a-side games / training of soccer / gaelic / hockey, etc. or 2 smaller pitches side-by-side of 30 x 40m for 5-a-side, basketball, other games.)

b. Trillick Outdoor Gym

Two small meandering circuits, with 5 ‘laybys’, each with 3 items of Outdoor Gym equipment.

c.  Plant out a corner of field with native birch, ash, oak and wildflower glades as a wildlife / bio-diversity zone, possible stream / pond feature to be considered – if safe, feasible water and low maintenance.

d. Safe Pathway links to / from Woodview Crescent and Leisure Hub

Alongside ‘The Barracks’ – to give residents of this social housing area quality access to the Leisure Centre facilities and extended Playpark.

e. 4-Seasons Childrens’ Play Space – at SE of Leisure Centre

Approx 60 square metres of polymeric soft-play surfacing. Tarmac the remainder.

f. Trillick ‘Health & Heritage’ – Walk / Run / Cycle Routes

Interpretative Boards, print leaflets and on-line publicity, provide ‘Modern Milemarkers’ on local roads – for local ‘Heritage and Health’ routes, which are the ‘Spokes’ out from the ‘Trillick Leisure Hub’:

Heritage: Trillick Old Castle, Cavanamara Old Mill, Magheralough Old Church, Graveyard and Mill.

Health: 10K Run Route, 5K Run Route, Carren Lough, Magheralough Circuit, Wood Hill Orienteering and 300-metre path around MUGA.

Overall, this project will really help towards achieving Trillick 2020’s Social Vision ‘to provide a high quality of sporting, recreational and other social activities for all the people of the Trillick area, thereby ensuring a good quality of life.

We’ll keep you updated on progress.

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