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Trillick Vintage Cars & Tractors Rally: Friday 4th July at 7pm

Whether it’s a man-maths “investment”, a never-ending restoration project or just a wallet-busting/skinned-knuckles affliction, with all this good weather (and no salt on the roads), now’s the time to dust down your classic tractors (plus machinery if possible) and cars (retro garments optional) and let them see daylight again.

All 20th century machinery capable of moving under their own steam (or with a push) welcome.

Assemble at the Leisure Centre in Trillick from 6.30 pm onwards on Friday 4th July.


A common sight around Trillick for many decades - much-loved by local farmers (apart from when a shear-bolt went late at night etc)


Another common sight around Trillick in the Group B rally era in the 1980s


Fed up with banks and credit cards?


As banks lurch from one crisis to another, and as they continue to abandon local villages, it’s worth recalling that Trillick is well served by nearby Irvinestown’s thriving Credit Union at Mill Street, Irvinestown.

You may just wish to find a secure place to start or to put some savings.  If you need a few extra pounds for a holiday, car, your child’s education etc, and you are unimpressed with the terms and interest charged by banks and credit cards, why not call John Lynch, Office Manager at Irvinestown Credit Union, on 028.6862.1255 for a quote.

More details about the Credit Union here.

Latest Entrepreneur from Trillick

Declan_Mc_Donnell_TrillickWell done to local inventor and businessman, Declan McDonnell, from Kinine, Trillick who featured in a new TV business series called “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor” which was aired on Sunday night, 4th May 2014, on satellite channel PICK.

Declan, who was offered investment for his company of £50,000, believes his involvement with the show really broadened his horizons for his product’s potential. He is owner and inventor of the Xpanda Bra, a maternity nursing bra with adjustable cup sizes, which enables it to fit not only throughout the pregnancy, but throughout breastfeeding too, adapting along with your changing body.

Declan is one of only a handful of contestants throughout the UK and Ireland that were invited to take part in the show – a new feel-good business series which delves into the patent archives in search of some of the many brilliant inventions that haven’t yet fulfilled their full potential.

Every episode sees two specialist presenters pick an original invention each. They pay a surprise visit to the original inventors to re-ignite their old passion for their products, and then provide support from a team of experts to help the inventors structure a business plan, produce and market-test a prototype and coach them in how to pitch their project. Finally, the inventors like Declan make a pitch to potential investors and industry buyers, who are ready to fund production and help the inventors hit the high street.

After the offer on the series, Declan said that he decided not to accept the investment as he felt it was too big of a stake of the company to give away, but he has disclosed that since the filming of the programme and it being aired, he was approached by another private investor who has offered to put in £250,000 to fund manufacturing and help the company be put where it should be. He states that just around 6-8 weeks ago he signed an agreement with the new investor and already big changes have happened – from the changing of the company name and it becoming a limited company (Mamamigo Ltd) to a relaunch of their new online website. He said that involvement with the new investor has really made him get out and start expanding his business and work on getting their product out into more retailers.

Currently, Xpanda Bra can be bought in nine local stores: in five S.D Kells stores; Bey-Bee, Irvinestown; The Lingerie Room, Dungannon; Orchid Lingerie, Belfast and McElhinneys, Ballybofey. It can also be bought online from  www.xpandabra.com or from Amazon.

Declan would like to thank all his family and friends for all their ‘support’ and said that involvement with the show has really made him get out and start ‘Xpanding’ his business(!).

The Trillick 2020 Action Plan seeks to assist existing local businesses (Action B2) and also to encourage new businesses / enterprise / entrepreneurs (Action B3), thereby to help Trillick’s people and businesses to increase their employment, wealth and prosperity. If you are based in the Trillick District and would like assistance to start up a new business or to expand your existing business, please contact any member of Trillick 2020 or e-mail us and we will point you in the right direction.

The show featuring Declan and Xpandabra is No.4 in the series and went out on channel Pick on 4th May at 7pm (Channel 11 on Freeview, Channel 152 on Sky and Channel 180 on Virgin).

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