New Trillick and Kilskeery cross-community website


Trillick Main Street, early 1970s - no bother parking.

Why a Trillick website?

For emigrants and visitors: when Trillick people abroad or visitors to Trillick google “Trillick”, it’s important (and when you’re an emigrant, a small source of pride in your roots) that they can access a cross-community website with comprehensive and up-to-date local news and information instead of (e.g.) an individual’s social media site or some abandoned bebo or myspace page.

For local businesses: local businesses deserve to be associated with something more substantial than some usually out-of-date details scraped together by a ‘bot without your knowledge and posted on a dodgy aggregator site or a Facebook page.  It’s far from ideal if the public image of our community is defined in ways which we as a community have no influence over; and, depending on the content of whatever random pages are out there, they may or may not be something that Tillick as a community or you as a business owner may wish to be associated with.  Simply, it appears outdated not to have a proper community website.  And, in time, as this community site attracts more users, it can help drive traffic to your existing site – strength in numbers.

Accordingly, please do send us brief details of your community organisation or business, e.g.:

  1. Name
  2. Telephone number(s) / e-mail
  3. Website or Facebook page if available
  4. Any details you’d like added (e.g., a description of the facilities / services / products (as appropriate) you provide and your opening hours)
  5. Any favourite image, photo or logo you’d like to associate with your business

We have made a start by providing outline details (name and phone number) of some local community organisationa and businesses; but this is only a start, so please drop us a line if we’ve inadvertently missed your organisation or business and including any corrections and additional information as noted above. Thanks.

Please note that associated social media accounts – on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – are being prepared and will be added to the Follow us link at the bottom of this page.  Since these sites already specialise in providing platforms for un-moderated high-volume discourse, we have decided not to attempt to re-invent the wheel by offering a high-maintenance retro “guest book” page on this site.

Thanks for visiting; tell your friends and see you again soon.