Towards a Trillick network


Down the generations, many Trillick people have worked, trained and studied abroad.  Many have remained abroad; many have returned.  There was a story told in the Liffer area about one old-timer who, many years ago, after a family argument, announced he was “leaving and going to emigrate to Fintona”(!).  The world is a smaller place than that these days, and emigration nowadays neither is a once-and-for-all decision nor always a forced-decision.  While there is often an element of necessity in many emigration decisions, there is equally often an element of positive choice in most emigration decisions – skills, attitudes and experiences gained abroad will stand you in good stead when seeking work or starting your own business back home.

However, it is possible that we may not be making the most of our contacts abroad, be they people originally from Trillick or people with Trillick roots.  Certain well-known schools and colleges already organise their past-pupils networks in this way already, and it gives their young people a head-start in the world.  However, this is just a matter of being well-organised – there is no compelling reason why a well-organised community cannot do likewise.  When our young (and sometimes not-so-young) people are seeking work abroad, why shouldn’t they also benefit from an introduction or a word of advice or guidance from a person with Trillick roots who has gone before them?

To that end, if you’re from Trillick / have Trillick roots or otherwise are a friend of Trillick, please send us your details (city/country and e-mail is fine).  In time, we aim to have an interactive global map with markers showing (very approximately, it’s not going to be Google earth!) “where in the world” Trillick people are today.  Thanks.