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The Big Switch-on!


For Christmas this year, we have put up ‘Welcome’ signs at the entrances to Trillick, three Christmas trees, decorations / lights on the lamp posts and also lights on our smaller trees.

The lights will be switched on this Sunday the 4th as per the above poster – see you there!

Snow / winter driving

Yesterday evening’s and today’s snow showers gave a seasonal look to the early-morning Main Street:

Main st kiosk 14 Jan 2015

Main st 01

Main st 02

For older readers, the weapon of choice in times like these was always a plastic ‘Richardsons 20:10:10’ fertiliser bag, with some straw or hay in the bottom of the bag.  Low-tech – but it was easier to carry back up a hill than a so-called proper sleigh, and it generally would slide well on surfaces where a conventional sleigh would bog down.

While many may be glad to see the back of snow, lots of kids of all ages may have welcomed an unexpected day off work or college.  Some useful winter driving tips here.

It’s that time of year

old tree

Whatever your thoughts on the usefulness of New Year Resolutions, just a reminder of our local facilities to get your 2015 off to a suitably-energetic start …

Trillick is fortunate to have a good gym and golf course on our doorstep, and if you’re feeling the need to ‘burn off some turkey’, the Leisure Centre have put together an impressive selection of activities – see below (click to enlarge to full-screen to read programme details):


Best wishes for 2015.