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Launch of Action Plan on Tuesday night


Patsy, in good company, at the launch

Trillick Community Development Group launched its Trillick 2020 Action Plan for the Trillick and Kilskeery district in front of a packed community hall in Trillick Leisure Centre on Tuesday evening (29th April 2014). Each attendee received a copy of the Action Plan and a copy of the Group’s inaugural 2020 Vision newsletter; not to mention very tasty refreshments afterwards.


Group Chairman Fergal Corrigan (centre) with local councillors and other Group members

Group Chairman Fergal Corrigan welcomed the attendees and introduced the two other speakers, Proinsias McCaughey and Kieran McCrory, Economic Development Manager with Omagh District Council. The launch was also attended by Councillor Allan Rainey (also from Omagh District Council), by Councillor Anne Quinn (Fermanagh District Council), by Mary Garrity and Stephen McCann (local candidates for the new Omagh and Fermanagh Council); as well as by members of the local community, by representatives from local businesses / employers and by representatives from the Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Proinsias McCaughey paid tribute to the Group’s long-standing members, Vicky Faris, Eamonn Connolly and Christine Kelly and thanked Omagh District Council for their advice and assistance over the previous year.  In an informative and lively address, Proinsias took the audience through the main points of the Action Plan.  He stressed the importance of having a vision for Trillick and Kilskeery, namely that “we will act to make the Trillick and Kilskeery districts a good place to live in and a good place in which to prosper”; and noted that while our area has long benefitted from community cohesion, good cross-community relations, and a relaxed, family-friendly culture, it’s important to renew and strengthen those attributes in a systematic way and, crucially, to do more to bring money and jobs to our area.  Proinsias outlined the amount of cross-community consultation already carried out, the suggestions and goals generated thereby, the implementation progress already made – and the considerable challenges that lie ahead during the next six years to make that vision a reality.


Some Group members, before the launch

On behalf of Omagh Council, Kieran McCrory referred to the upcoming revamp of local councils and that, instead of being on the geographical margins of council areas, in the enlarged Omagh and Fermanagh Council, Trillick will occupy a geographical “centre stage”.  Kieran noted that, while forthcoming Council funding for local community development initiatives was a competitive process, invariably, those districts with considered and practicable proposals, a professional implementation plan and strong community support would be at the forefront in any funding allocations. He praised the hard work already carried out in channelling cross-community effort so far and noted the “exceptional” community turnout.


Trillick Young Farmers Club representatives Mark Gibson, Shannen Vance and Rachel Gibson at the launch

The Group is delighted by the obvious community interest and goodwill in seeing the vision set out in the Action Plan translated into tangible realities. Check back on this site soon for details of the next steps in our community journey; and, if you feel that any of the actions in the Plan would benefit from your energy and experience – get in touch.

New Trillick and Kilskeery cross-community website


Trillick Main Street, early 1970s - no bother parking.

Why a Trillick website?

For emigrants and visitors: when Trillick people abroad or visitors to Trillick google “Trillick”, it’s important (and when you’re an emigrant, a small source of pride in your roots) that they can access a cross-community website with comprehensive and up-to-date local news and information instead of (e.g.) an individual’s social media site or some abandoned bebo or myspace page.

For local businesses: local businesses deserve to be associated with something more substantial than some usually out-of-date details scraped together by a ‘bot without your knowledge and posted on a dodgy aggregator site or a Facebook page.  It’s far from ideal if the public image of our community is defined in ways which we as a community have no influence over; and, depending on the content of whatever random pages are out there, they may or may not be something that Tillick as a community or you as a business owner may wish to be associated with.  Simply, it appears outdated not to have a proper community website.  And, in time, as this community site attracts more users, it can help drive traffic to your existing site – strength in numbers.

Accordingly, please do send us brief details of your community organisation or business, e.g.:

  1. Name
  2. Telephone number(s) / e-mail
  3. Website or Facebook page if available
  4. Any details you’d like added (e.g., a description of the facilities / services / products (as appropriate) you provide and your opening hours)
  5. Any favourite image, photo or logo you’d like to associate with your business

We have made a start by providing outline details (name and phone number) of some local community organisationa and businesses; but this is only a start, so please drop us a line if we’ve inadvertently missed your organisation or business and including any corrections and additional information as noted above. Thanks.

Please note that associated social media accounts – on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – are being prepared and will be added to the Follow us link at the bottom of this page.  Since these sites already specialise in providing platforms for un-moderated high-volume discourse, we have decided not to attempt to re-invent the wheel by offering a high-maintenance retro “guest book” page on this site.

Thanks for visiting; tell your friends and see you again soon.

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